FRI & SAT: 9PM – 3AM

Cruising at 30,000 feet can be a rush. Such is the rush that will be felt by passengers at Fly Lounge at 1802 Jefferson Place NW… a streamlined, destination lounge for the ever-mobile elite.

Transporting guests to new realms with non-stop service nightly, Fly Lounge embodies all the elements of the proverbial private escape. As a late night connection, Fly Lounge will offer a 5 day a week flight plan to accommodate the most discretionary of tastes. From the early night rendezvous to the Red Eye shuttle, Fly will offer a roundtrip ticket to paradise.


At the helm, piloting this venture, are two captains of industry; each with a formidable track history in nightlife.

Managing Partner/GM, Richard Eidman, launched several iconic clubs stretching from Boston, Massachusetts, to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Two of which were used for film locations on more than one occasion by MTV and Hollywood studios.

Chuck Koch, a.k.a DJ Dirty Hands, needs little introduction in his native Washington. A featured DJ at every high-profile venue imaginable, Dirty Hands is a known quantity in DC and has already begun exporting his talents to other cities (DJing Lotus in New York and the exclusive NBA All Star After-parties). Not to mention being handpicked as the Red Bull Music Academy representative for the District, while headlining corporate events locally for Scion and the Sprite Liquid tour.

But it was Dirty Hands’ love of flying that inspired the Fly lounge concept. As a licensed pilot, he may be the only DJ who can fly himself to his own gigs. It wasn’t long after he and Eidman met that the idea truly took off.

Now assembling a crack flight crew, Koch and Eidman are shaping their shared dream into reality and are positioning FLY to lift DC to new heights.